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Why should students join interact?

What is Interact

At Interact, our core mission is Service Above Self. Each year, we choose two projects: one helping our neighbors, and one helping those abroad. Through these projects, Interactors have worked against human trafficking, poverty, food insecurity, homelessness, addiction, and more.

Events & Opportunities

Interact hosts a plethora of events for your student to participate in. These events provide the opportunity for them to become more involved in the community while meeting and connecting with new people!


New President’s Meeting

August 26


First District Wide Gathering

September 16


Fall Leadership Conference

October 8


Presidents Winter Retreat



Final District Wide Gathering



Q: What Is Interact/What does Interact do?

A: At our heart, we are a service club working towards international and global issues.

Q: How can my child join Interact?

A: Ask your school if they host an interact club. If they do not you can start one by emailing:

Q: What are the time commitments for Interact?

A: There are a plethora of opportunities Interact members can act on. At the most basic level, attending weekly/bi-weekly club meeting will educate Interact members on the ongoing progress of international and community projects and alert them to any upcoming events and fundraisers.


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