District Council 2023-2024

Our council, which is made up of 28 people, is composed of extremely committed Interactors from all over the Bay who want to make a meaningful difference. DC plans district-wide events like the New Presidents Meeting, the Fall Leadership Conference, and the Presidents Winter Retreat to support the growth of Interactors throughout the district.

Meet Dauntless DC!

Who leads our District Council?

As the heads of the district, the Governor and lieutenant Governor lead our District Council, ensuring that we capture our goals while simultaneously reflecting the values of our district.

Meet the Govs!

Kylie Nguyen


Anushree Marimuthu

Lt. Governor

Who administrates our district?

Working on a district level, our admin utilize their specialized skill sets in ways to contribute whether it is with event planning, outreach, or financial work. While some may work behind the scenes, they remain incredibly prominent in making dreams possible!

Meet the Admins!

Candra Kou


Michelle Ng


Tiger Javiya

Community Project Coordinator

Vianna Nguyen

International Project Coordinator

Carissa Tran

Digital Media Co-Coordinator

Landon Trinh

Digital Media Co-Coordinator

Ethan Zarate

Publications Co-Coordinator

Natalie Yang

Publications Co-Coordinator

Kayla Espinosa

Events Co-Coordinator

Emma Pham

Events Co-Coordinator

Haylee Huynh

Outreach Co-Coordinator

Kelly Pham

Outreach Co-Coordinator

Tyler Sales

Web Coordinator

Who directs our areas?

Working on the area level, our ADs focus to make sure that their area is thriving. Providing a netting of support for our Interactors, ADs bridge the connection between Rotary and Interact as they work to combine the voices of both through their prominent events and fundraisers.

Meet the Area Directors!

Alan Duong

Area 1 Director

Zoey Yu

Area 2 Director

Ashna Krishna

Area 3 Director

Yoona Kim

Area 4 Director

Sienna Gomez

Area 5 Director

Van Truong

Area 6 Director

Calista Shih

Area 7 Director

Kelly Yu

Area 8 Director

Amanda Le

Area 9 Director

Sofia Guimaraes

Area 10 Director

Nadine Ngo

Area 11 Director

Geethikaa Tarra

Area 12 Director

Toshiyuki (Toshi) Joehren

Area 13 Director

Who advises our District Council?

Supporting our Admin, Area Directors, and Governors every step of the way are our beloved advisors. These Rotary affiliated professionals offer their wisdom and practical knowledge to make decisions and manage workflows.


Mitty Chang


Devin Pon


Jeanne Trang


Megan Do


Raymond Cheng


Claudia Bui


Vanessa Nguyen


Amit Rand


Danny Walvick


Dabi Pavlecic-Bischoff