Community Project

Cultivating Our Communities

Problem at hand.

Those who are unable to have consistent access to healthy meals are disproportionately at risk of facing health problems such as obesity or diabetes later down their lives. Many bay area families are faced with the decision to purchase healthy foods, or pay their bills. The effect of such circumstances are obesity, diabetes, or other preventable health issues.

Our Target

Serving healthy meals to our local community helps struggling families prioritize working toward an improved quality of life. Anyone can stop by at one of Martha’s Kitchen’s food services for a hot, nutritious, and free breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Furthermore, individuals can receive free healthy groceries at one of Martha’s Kitchen’s grocery box distribution sessions.

How we help.

We are partnering with Martha’s Kitchen to serve healthy meals so people no longer have to worry about their fundamental food needs. This allows them to make decisions with one less thing to worry about, as no parent should have to choose between feeding their child or paying for their bills.

Our Goal

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