President’s Winter Retreat is a chance to meet, bond, and collaborate with like-minded and dedicated leaders from all over the district. During this event, you will participate in a series of exciting and interactive workshops to further develop your leadership skills, learn and foster new ideas, and make connections with those around you. To help you finish your year strong, you will develop new leadership for your club, and learn more about being a President, Officer, or District Council Member


  • February 11, 2017 – February 12, 2017
  • Walden West Saratoga (15555 Sanborn Rd, Saratoga, CA, 95070)
  • Cost of attendance: $150
Here at good ol’ PWR, we all learn a lil more about others and ourselves. And that’s because we’re all here to grow, to climb, to reach. There’s something really special waiting for you here at good ol’ PWR, and that something stems from the passion and love and solidarity that can only be found here in the arms of our Interact family. Open your mind, and we’ll give you something worth fighting for.
Rachel Chu, Area 5 Director
PWR is, without a doubt, an experience worth vying for. Filled with ambition, hopefulness, passion, and curiosity, attendees of PWR often enhance all these qualities in the pursuit of advocating for service and leadership. As DC, we only hope that we can instill and guide you to that point of betterment. And hey, maybe you won’t develop crazy leadership skills overnight; maybe you won’t necessarily find yourself at this retreat. But what we can guarantee is that you’ll discover a family of passionate Interactors who will be there for you even after the event has long since concluded.
Helen Wu, Secretary
PWR is a place where you will not only see the stars outside, but within yourself. It’s a place where you will learn to appreciate every little thing in your grasp and hold onto it with everything. PWR is, and always will be, a place you can call home.
Marco Siu, Governor
At this retreat you will have the opportunity to be vulnerable. I know it sounds funny to think being vulnerable is something to look forward to, but it truly is. We are constantly pulled every which way as all our commitments distract us from simply being and embracing ourselves. So be vulnerable. Let yourself feel and experience everything and everyone around you. The choices that are more uncomfortable are the ones that will make you grow.
Lea Akima, Area 1 Director
PWR. A short weekend in February. Two days focused on developing yourself. Two days to meet and bond with so many people that you might never have had the opportunity to meet without PWR. At PWR, you will learn so much about yourself and build your passion for service. You will discover what Interact truly means to you and how you can do more. Meet others. Discover yourself. Be inspired to Serve. Be em-PWR-d!
Derek Nguyen, Area 13 Director
PWR will be a phenomenal experience that’ll ignite your passion for Interact and service. You’ll learn valuable skills that will provide a strong foundation for discovering yourself and a supportive community filled with people who may soon become your closest friends.
Shayla Huynh, Digital Media Coordinator
Walk into PWR with an open mind. Don’t put this event on a pedestal and go with the flow. That way, you’ll truly experience this event to the best of your abilities and learn from it.
Amanda Doan, Area 8 Director
PWR will teach you so much about yourself and the environment in which you stand. You uncover the skills and abilities that you never even knew you had. You build the courage that you need to take the next leap into your future. Go into PWR with an open-mind and hold no expectations, then only can you grow as a person and a leader!
Lim Deng, Area 9 Director
Walking into PWR with absolutely no expectations, I ended up walking out of there with my whole world shook. To be able to be in an absolutely judgement free environment, and start off with a clean slate is something so rare. But when the opportunity comes, you will learn new things you love about yourself and others that you have never thought to love before. PWR is one of those experiences. It’s absolutely magical how 48 hours can shift one’s perception on yourself and the world around you. PWR is where you will realize how much Interact is going to be there for you. Each one of you guys here have been chosen for a very unique reason. With 200 of you guys and your unique reasons combined, that is what makes everyone walk out of PWR feeling like you have a purpose for so much in the world.
Rosabel Wu, Community Coordinator
This is where something from within starts sparking. This is where we grow. This is where we take what we learn and make it our own. Maybe the start but definitely never the end. PWR — one of the greatest opportunities; now take it and run for the stars.
Annie Dang, Area 6 Director
PWR is your distinct voyage. One sunrise, your backpack, other humans, plus you, is where PWR begins. PWR gives. It always gives something, even if it’s the smallest of gifts. It seems at PWR that everything is happening again for the first time. New people, new perspective, new discoveries. That’s what gives it meaning. PWR provides the tools, but you can build your own vision. PWR will give you time, but it’s up to you to color in those seconds with every place your mind may take you. Reflect on it, project it, and share it. Others will do the same, and you will gain something. Take it, place it in your backpack, and you will continue on your distinct voyage, this time with new knowledge.
Misaki Otani, International Coordinator
Don’t set any sort of expectations for PWR. Don’t let others’ experiences skew how you think yours should be. Let PWR be a lesson– an opportunity to reflect upon yourself and an opportunity to reinforce your passion for Interact. Experience PWR with your heart (it is okay to be vulnerable!) Sometimes, it can get a little overwhelming, so it is okay to stand beyond the crowd and just observe!
Trucdan Nguyen, Co-Publications Coordinator
PWR is a weekend away from the rest of your life; you can leave your stresses, fears, and expectations at the door and let yourself really stretch and grow your capabilities as a leader and as a human being. Here is where I personally found an oasis of acceptance and empathy, of laughter and genuine connection — cherish the time you have with the people around you, and PWR will become a small piece of home.
Jessy Liu, Co-Outreach Coordinator
PWR was what ignited my burning passion for interact. Take this opportunity and soar with it because you get what you put into PWR. You’ll be surrounded by so many passionate and kind individuals who genuinely care about what they do and there’s no better feeling than that. These guys and gals will quickly become your brothers and sisters. Each and every one of you were chosen for a reason. Once you let go of the fear of judgement, you will understand why you were chosen, and you will make some of your best memories. Let the bad jokes be told, laughter be heard, and tears fall. As Saint Francis of Assisi once said, “all the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.” May your fire burn brightly and let you be unapologetically you and have a poppin time❤
Lily Solomon, Area 11 Director


  • Warm Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Bath Towel, Wash Cloth, Sandals, and Toiletries
  • Warm Pajamas (It goes down to 20-40 degrees at night)
  • Day Clothes
  • Socks and Undergarments
  • Hat and Gloves/Mittens
  • Jacket (Something that will hold up in the rain, and keep you warm)
  • Sweater or Sweatshirt
  • Casual Shirt or Top for Evening Dance
  • Small Flashlight (& Extra Batteries Just In Case)
  • Pencils or Pens for Taking Notes


  • Rain Gear (Poncho, Umbrella, Boots, etc)
  • Sunscreen
  • Games (Cards, Apples to Apples, etc)
  • Snacks to Share with Cabin Mates 🙂
  • Money (Area Shirts and other items will be on sale!)
  • Musical Instruments

ITEMS NOT TO BRING (you will be dismissed if found in possession)

  • Anything that can damage property, or hurt someone else (weapons, fire, etc)
  • Drugs, Tobacco, or Alcohol