Combatting with Care

Community Project 2020-2021

It’s time to reach out to our fellow brothers and sisters and tell This upcoming year is one that will go into the history books. Are we, as Interactors, going to stand aside and watch our community hurt, or are we going to be actively tackling these issues?them that they are NOT alone, that they MATTER, that they are LOVED.

Helen H.

Our Mission

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in one way or another: we no longer go to school in-person, social outings are virtual or nonexistent, and travel over the summer was limited, to name a few examples. However, these are quite “harmless” examples when considering that COVID-19 has not only infected more than 821,000 people in the Bay Area — thereby profoundly impacting the elderly, working class, and those below the poverty line — but also caused half a million people in the Bay Area to lose their jobs just within these last nine months. 

United Way Bay Area (UWBA) is an organization that fights for health, education, and financial stability in our community, which is important now more than ever before. As a response to the pandemic, the UWBA has already donated over four million dollars to almost 100 organizations across the Bay Area. Interact District 5170’s goal is to raise $25,000 and 30,000 service hours for UWBA in order to “address immediate and emergency needs of people” in the first phase of the projects and “give jobs to people” as well as help “provide financial assistance” during the second phase. As the pandemic and other challenges persist, making this year unlike any other, Interact will be “combatting with care”. 



Monetary Goal

Money Raised

We will holistically heal our communities by splitting our response into two steps: with the first being recovery and the second being rebuilding.

Phase 1: Recovery

  • Supporting the immediate and emergency needs of people around us
  • Help food insecurity
  • Work toward affordable healthcare

Phase 2: Rebuilding

  • Rebuilding our community through long-term, sustainable growth
  • Provide marginalized communities the resources they need to find jobs and get economic assistance