The Answer is the Sun

We live in a world dependent on fossil fuel usage. Fossil fuels, however, are not only hazardous causing pollution and global warming, but they are limited: we will run out within the next couple of decades.

Our goal with our 2013-2014 International Project, The Answer is the Sun, is to provide people in third world countries with solar technologies so that they can avoid fossil fuel usage and leapfrog directly to solar.

Working with Trust in Education, Interact plans on sending 5,170 solar cookits (ovens), each one stamped with the District 5170 logo,  to refugee families in Afghanistan. It cost $15 to send a cookit and a Wapi, which a water pasteurizer, to Afghanistan. $15 for us, yet a good 40 cents a day are saved for these families who are trying to get by on a daily budget of $1 or less.

Not only are we giving them the tools for a sustainable, cheaper form of energy but we are also saving the families in Afghanistan from the hazardous effects of the wood fires which they currently use to cook. 2 million deaths a year are caused by smoke inhalation, mainly women and children.

This year we are putting a new twist on the International Project. Every Interactor will have a chance to create these cookits, the exact ones which we are sending to Afghanistan, at one of the multiple building workshops which we will have throughout the year. Hopefully, with the hands on element, Interactors will understand the importance and the value of the gift which we are sending.

$77,550. 5,170 cookits. Together let’s empower change.