HEART copyFor this upcoming year, Interactors will take on the Community Project HEART. HEART stands for, “Hope, Empowerment, Through our Hearts.” One of the purposes of the 2013-2014 project HEART is to dive deeper into Interact and Rotary International’s motto “Service above Self” and to spread hope and empowerment to the unique, resonating issues Interactors are compelled to act towards in their communities. Not only that, Interactors will be encouraged to discover and pursue causes they are passionate about in their community. The events will be dynamic, and will unify all of the clubs in the District as one family with one goal: service. The hourly goal for 2013-2014 is set at 75,000 hours dedicated to serving our communities district wide.

HEART’s mission is to ultimately empower and deliver hope to Interactors as well as those in their individual communities within District 5170. Interactors will be encouraged to not only recognize their altruistic sides but also to embrace an altruistic nature that will influence actions and decisions. Through this, Interactors are inspired to tackle existing issues that hit our communities at home.

At Interact District 5170, we truly believe in the power of the youth. Because of this, we value active citizenship in the youth. Our project HEART will empower Interactors to recognize their roles in their communities and to transform themselves to become socially responsible citizens that is unequivocally essential to our communities, and to our world.

What is unique about HEART is that it doesn’t just involve Interactors and those affected by a certain issue, but it involves everyone. Everyone within a community is encouraged or inspired to join in to better the communities he or she lives in. Our community is our home and affects the lives of everyone who is a part of it, and it is our duty to continue improving it. HEART is our push for Interactors to become the socially responsible citizens that the communities in the world need. Whether it is through confronting long ignored issues or executing actions that improve the lives of others, we hope you will join us.

To see what HEART is doing, check out the updates page.

Feel free to email community@interact5170.org for any questions, suggestions, or feedback.

Our Progress So Far: